Rubber Chicken Story

Title: **Unveiled Secrets**

  • --
  • *INT. CHURCH - DAY**

The church is filled with mourning attendees dressed in black. Soft organ music fills the air. A large portrait of the deceased, Mrs. Martha Patterson, stands near the altar.

  • *PASTOR**

We gather today to remember and celebrate the life of Mrs. Martha Patterson. If anyone would like to share memories of Martha, please come forward.

The attendees share hesitant glances.

  • *JOHN**, an unassuming man in his 40s, stands up. He approaches the altar.
  • *JOHN**

Thank you, Pastor. I felt it was necessary to share some memories of Martha.

Confused murmurs ripple through the crowd. Most don't recognize him.

  • *JOHN**

Martha and I... (chuckles) had our adventures, to say the least.

  • *JOHN**

I remember when we first met at that little café in Paris. She was sipping espresso, and I was lost, trying to find the Louvre.

A few attendees stifle their laughter, while others look completely baffled.

  • *JOHN**

She introduced me to escargot, and we laughed all night, ending up dancing in the rain near the Eiffel Tower.

  • *MR. PATTERSON**, Martha's elderly husband, leans forward, eyes narrowed. He whispers to his daughter beside him.

Who is this man?


I have no idea, Dad.

  • *JOHN**

I'll never forget our secret trips, escaping our regular lives. Those weekends in the countryside... the way the sunlight hit her face during those golden hours.

  • *MR. PATTERSON** (standing up, angrily)

Enough! Who are you, and what is the meaning of this?

  • *JOHN** (taken aback)

I... I just wanted to share memories of Martha.


Memories? These are lies! I've been with Martha every step of the way, and she's never mentioned you!

The attendees gasp. The atmosphere grows thick with tension.

  • *JOHN** (softly)

She had her secrets, just as we all do.


You come to my wife's funeral and speak these fantasies?

  • *JOHN**

I didn't mean to upset you. I only wanted to say goodbye in my own way.


Dad, let's just get through this day.

  • *MR. PATTERSON** (pointing at John)

You need to leave. Now.

  • *JOHN** (teary-eyed)

Goodbye, Martha.

John leaves the church, the doors closing heavily behind him. The attendees are left in a state of shock and disbelief.

  • *PASTOR**

Let's... continue with the service.

  • --
  • *INT. CHURCH - DAY**

The church is silent save for the soft sobbing of mourners. The attendees watch, captivated by the scene unfolding in front of them.

  • *JOHN** (with an excited gleam in his eye)

Ah, and then there was the time Martha and I were stranded on that deserted island after our hot air balloon crashed. What a wild week that was!

  • *MR. PATTERSON** (infuriated)

You insolent man! This is the final straw!

Mr. Patterson charges at the altar, reaching out to grab the microphone from John.

  • *JOHN** (dodging, holding the microphone high)

And remember the time she said she went for a weekend spa retreat? We were actually in Vegas! She was a legend at the poker tables! Went by the name of 'Mighty Martha'.

The church gasps. A few attendees chuckle, not sure if they should be amused or outraged.

  • *MR. PATTERSON** (shouting)

Enough of this nonsense!

As Mr. Patterson lunges for the microphone, John, showing surprising agility, leaps off the altar and runs down the aisle, weaving through the pews.

  • *JOHN** (panting but determined)

Oh, and did you all know she was a professional salsa dancer? We competed in Argentina! The passion! The fire!

Mr. Patterson, in hot pursuit, almost has John cornered near the entrance when John takes a swift turn, narrowly missing a vase with flowers.

  • *DAUGHTER** (standing up)

STOP! Both of you!

Both men freeze, John with a mischievous glint in his eye, and Mr. Patterson red-faced and panting.


This isn't what Mum would've wanted. This day is about honoring her memory, not this... circus.

She glares at John.

  • *DAUGHTER** (cont'd)

You, sir, need to leave. Now.

The attendees watch in both shock and anticipation, as the scene in front of them grows increasingly chaotic.

  • *JOHN** (dodging Mr. Patterson's grasp)

And then there was that time, my friends, when Martha and I, well... Let's just say we had quite the wild adventure after too many tequilas!

Mr. Patterson, face reddening with fury, lunges for John, but the mischievous eulogizer dashes towards the church's bathroom. The door slams shut behind him, and the distinct click of a lock is heard.

  • *JOHN** (voice amplified from the wireless microphone inside the bathroom)

Did I ever tell you about the time Martha decided to become a mime in Paris? Oh, the shenanigans! The stories I could tell!

  • *MR. PATTERSON** (banging on the bathroom door)

You come out of there right now!

  • *JOHN** (voice growing louder and more animated)

And oh, don't get me started on our escapade in the Amazon! We met a tribe that had never seen outsiders. Martha became their queen! All hail Queen Martha!

A few of the attendees try to stifle their laughter while others just sit in utter disbelief. Some of the younger attendees are recording the entire scene on their smartphones.

  • *MR. PATTERSON** (shouting)

I will break down this door!

  • *JOHN**

Ah, and Martha's secret talent? Yodeling! We won third place at a yodeling contest in Switzerland!

Suddenly, the microphone goes silent. The church is left in a suspenseful hush, with only the sound of Mr. Patterson's heavy breathing as he stands, hands on knees, catching his breath.

  • *DAUGHTER** (standing up)

Enough! This is my mother's funeral, not a circus act!

  • *MR. PATTERSON** (voice breaking)

I just wanted to say goodbye to my wife...

The Pastor, looking bewildered, steps forward, attempting to bring some semblance of normality back to the service.

The attendees watch, mouths agape, as John continues his animated eulogy from the locked bathroom.

  • *JOHN** (voice amplified from the wireless microphone inside the bathroom)

...and the time Martha decided she'd become a professional tap dancer after watching a musical? She tap danced all the way home, right on the sidewalk!

  • *MR. PATTERSON** (voice shaking with anger and grief)

Please, John... stop. This is not the time or place. I just... I just wanted to say goodbye...

Tears stream down Mr. Patterson's face. The rawness of his grief is palpable, making the situation all the more surreal. Some attendees stare, their eyes wet with sympathy, while others exchange glances of disbelief.

  • *JOHN**

Ah, speaking of sidewalks! Did you all know Martha once tried to pave our driveway herself? With glitter and seashells!

  • *MR. PATTERSON** (breaking down)

Please... I'm begging you... just stop. Please, let me remember my wife in peace.

The church is silent, save for the sobbing of Mr. Patterson and the tinny voice of John coming through the speakers. The attendees' emotions range from anger to laughter.

The Pastor, sensing it's time to intervene, moves quickly to the sound system and powers down the speakers. John's voice is cut off mid-sentence, leaving only the echo of his last words.

The room remains in a heavy silence, save for Mr. Patterson's sobbing.

  • *PASTOR** (softly)

Let's take a moment of silence to truly remember Martha for who she was, not the tales spun today.

The church sits in a tense silence, the only sound being Mr. Patterson's muffled sobs. The large wooden door of the bathroom stands as a barrier between the mourners and the unpredictable John. The Pastor, after shutting off the sound system, approaches the door.

  • *PASTOR** (speaking gently)

John? Can you hear me? It's time to come out.

The church attendees are seated uneasily, glancing at the bathroom door from which strange noises continue to emanate. Every 30 seconds or so, there's a random sound: a chicken cluck, a loud belch, a horn honk, and a made-up tune sung in an exaggerated operatic style.

  • *MR. PATTERSON** (voice shaking)

Can someone please get him out?


I can't believe this! On Mum's funeral!

  • *ELDERLY LADY** (whispering to the person next to her)

Why is he making those sounds? Is he... okay?

  • *PASTOR** (trying to keep calm)

Everyone, please. Let's focus on the service and remember Martha. John is... expressing himself in his own way. We will find a solution.

  • *YOUNG MAN**

I can try to break down the door.


No! We've had enough commotion for one day.

Yet another exaggerated moose call sounds from the bathroom, followed by John's voice.

  • *JOHN** (muffled, sing-song)

"I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob!"

  • *PASTOR**

Lord, grant us patience.

  • *MR. PATTERSON** (voice breaking)

Can we just finish the eulogy? I need closure.

  • *PASTOR** (nodding)

Of course. Everyone, let's focus. Ignore the noises and remember Martha's spirit and heart.

As the Pastor continues, John's noises become a weird background track, like a bizarre metronome. The attendees try their best to concentrate on the Pastor's words, some chuckling, some crying, and others shaking their heads in disbelief. The service carries on.

Just as the mourners begin to find some semblance of peace amidst the chaos, the bathroom door creaks open. John, peeking out, spots the beautiful urn at the altar, holding Martha's ashes.

  • *DAUGHTER** (whispering)

Oh no... What's he doing now?

With surprising agility, John dashes to the altar, grabs the urn, and bolts towards the exit.

  • *MR. PATTERSON** (shouting)

Stop him!

Several guests jump up, attempting to block John's way, but he's swift, dodging them and using the urn as if it were a football he's trying to protect. An impromptu game of 'keep away' begins in the middle of the church.

  • *PASTOR**

For heaven's sake! Someone stop him!

  • *YOUNG MAN**

I got him!

But John is too quick. He nears the exit, slips through the door, and disappears.

  • *MR. PATTERSON** (panting)

My wife's ashes... We need to get them back.


I'm calling the police. This is too much!

  • *PASTOR**

I'm so, so sorry. I've never seen anything like this before.


I've been to many funerals in my time, but this... This is the most eventful one yet.

  • *DAUGHTER** (phone to ear)

Yes, a man just stole my mother's ashes from her funeral. Please hurry!

Outside, tires screech and the distant sound of laughter echoes as John makes his escape.

  • --
  • *INT. CHURCH - DAY**

Mr. Patterson stands frozen, his face pale and eyes wide, struggling to process the madness that just occurred. The daughter is on the phone, frantic, talking to the police. Mourners whisper among themselves, some attempting to console a visibly shaken Mr. Patterson.

  • *MR. PATTERSON** (voice trembling)

I need to get Martha's ashes back. That's all I want right now.


The police are on their way, Dad. They'll find him.


No, I can't wait. I'm going after him.

He heads towards the door, but Pastor holds him back.

  • *PASTOR**

Mr. Patterson, I understand your pain, but it might be dangerous. We don't know what he's capable of.


That man took the last tangible memory I have of Martha. I'm not just going to sit here.

The young man who tried to catch John earlier approaches.

  • *YOUNG MAN**

Sir, I'll come with you. We'll get the ashes back.


Thank you. Let's go.

Mr. Patterson and the young man emerge from the church. They spot tire tracks leading away from the scene.


He must've had a car ready.

Suddenly, Mrs. Henderson, a petite elderly woman, waves them over.


I saw him! The rascal took off in that beat-up blue van. He went that way!

She points down a road. The duo quickly hop into Mr. Patterson's car, starting a pursuit.

  • --

Mr. Patterson's hands grip the wheel tightly, his face determined. The young man scans the road ahead, looking for any sign of the blue van.

  • *YOUNG MAN**

There! I see it! It's taking a turn on Maple Street.

The car chase continues, with the van occasionally in sight. Mr. Patterson's focus is unwavering.

  • *YOUNG MAN**

You sure you want to do this, sir? It's risky.


He has Martha's ashes. I'll risk anything to get them back.


The blue van is parked outside an old warehouse. The door slightly ajar. Mr. Patterson and the young man cautiously approach.


The interior is dimly lit, filled with old crates and rusted machinery. The distant echo of John's voice can be heard. They follow the sound until they spot John, back turned to them, talking to someone on the phone.

  • *JOHN**


You won't believe what I did at the funeral...and you'll never guess what I put in the urn.

Seizing the moment, Mr. Patterson lunges at John, tackling him to the ground. The urn falls from John's grasp, rolling a short distance away.



Where are Martha's ashes?

  • *JOHN**

(laughing maniacally)

Oh, you'll find out soon enough!

The young man helps Mr. Patterson up and picks up the urn, handing it to him. Mr. Patterson carefully opens the lid, hoping to see the remains of his beloved wife. Instead, he finds...

A pile of glitter, and beneath it, a rubber chicken.


(in disbelief)

Is this...a joke to you?!

  • *JOHN**

Everything's a joke! Life, death, funerals...

Police sirens wail in the distance, growing louder.

  • *YOUNG MAN**

The police are coming. Let's leave this madman to them.

The two exit the warehouse, leaving John cackling behind.



It's not about the ashes. It's about the memory. But he can never take away my memories of Martha.

  • *YOUNG MAN**

That's right. Hold onto those memories. They're more precious than anything else.

The two walk away as the police vehicles arrive at the scene.


The scene opens with a calm and serene garden. Birds are chirping, and there's a gentle wind rustling the leaves. There's a dedicated spot in the garden, a shrine of sorts, with a framed picture of Martha.

Mr. Patterson stands solemnly, holding the rubber chicken. He takes a deep breath, tears forming in his eyes.



For all the memories, the joy, the laughter...

He places the rubber chicken gently next to the framed picture.


This may not be Martha, but it reminds me of her laughter. Her spirit... and the absurdity of life she always embraced.

Over time, the rubber chicken becomes an inside joke amongst the family. Whenever they miss Martha, they'd squeeze the chicken, eliciting a silly squeak, a symbol of Martha's infectious laughter.

The family gathers each year, recounting stories of Martha, and each time they'd end with a squeeze of the rubber chicken, laughing through their tears, a testament to her legacy of joy.


John and Mr. Patterson, now referred to by his first name, Alex, sit opposite each other. There's an easy chemistry between them. Both are laughing, reminiscing about that fateful day at the funeral.

  • *JOHN:**

You know, I never intended to cause such chaos. I was just... lost in my own world of pranks and gags.

  • *ALEX:**

It was the most bizarre day of my life, but in a strange way, it was what I needed. It was the shake-up that led me here.

John reaches across the table, taking Alex's hand.

  • *JOHN:**

I'm truly sorry about Martha. I... wish I could've known her.

  • *ALEX:**

She would've found the rubber chicken hilarious, you know? That's why I think she would've approved of... well, us.

They smile warmly at each other, their past animosity forgotten.

  • --

They're both on the couch, watching a movie. The rubber chicken sits on a nearby table, a token of their shared history.

  • *JOHN:**

Never thought I'd say this, but that rubber chicken changed my life.

  • *ALEX:**

Mine too. Martha was my heart, my love... but life moves in mysterious ways. And while I never thought I'd find a connection like that again, here you are.

They share a look, a profound understanding between them. Both of them had experienced loss in different ways, but they found solace in each other.

  • --
  • *EXT. BEACH - DAY**

John and Alex walk hand in hand along the shoreline. The sun casts a golden hue, and the waves crash rhythmically.

  • *JOHN:**

Do you think... Do you think we were meant to meet that day?

  • *ALEX:**

I don't know about fate, but I'm grateful for the strange turn of events that brought us together.

They stop, looking out at the horizon, contemplating their unexpected journey together. The rubber chicken pokes out of John's backpack, a silent witness to their evolving love story.

  • --

Dim lights cast a soft glow on the room. John and Alex are having a romantic dinner. It's evident they've grown closer; their interactions are tender, intimate.

  • *JOHN:**

I've been thinking, Alex... about us. About how I want this - us - to be more permanent.

  • *ALEX:**

Permanent? What do you mean?

  • *JOHN:**

I've never been more certain about anything in my life. I want to move in with you. Share a life with you.

Alex's eyes widen in surprise but also with hope.

  • *ALEX:**

That's a big step. But... it feels right. I'm ready if you are.

  • --

Boxes labeled 'John's Stuff' are spread throughout the living room. The two of them are busy arranging things, with the rubber chicken overseeing the process from atop the fireplace.

  • *ALEX:**

You know, every time I see that chicken, it reminds me of how chaotic our beginning was.

  • *JOHN:**

But it also represents resilience and finding humor even in the worst situations. It's a testament to us, to our journey.

  • --

The two lie side by side in bed, looking up at the ceiling, fingers intertwined.

  • *JOHN:**

Did you ever think you'd find love again?

  • *ALEX:**

No. Not after Martha. But you... you've been a beacon of light in my life. A reminder that love can come in the most unexpected ways.

  • --

John and Alex, accompanied by a few close friends, are having a picnic. As they laugh and chat, John pulls out a small box.

  • *JOHN:**

Alex, these past years with you have been the happiest of my life. I want to make it official. Marry me?

  • *ALEX:**

Yes! A thousand times yes!

They embrace, tears of joy streaming down their faces. Their friends cheer, and even the rubber chicken, decked out in a tiny bowtie, seems to be celebrating.