Walked down the block, with crisp bills on display,

Eighty bucks in my wallet, yet I wanted my way.

Spied Little Susie's stand, and her set price,

"50 cents a glass," I thought, "I’ll roll the dice."

Haggling over half a dollar, beneath the glaring sun,

Though I had the money, I wanted a cheaper run.

Susie stood unyielding, her lemonade so prime,

Yet, I was adamant, every single dime.

"I offer 25 cents," I declared with a scoff,

She eyed my bulging wallet, and coolly brushed me off.

"I see those green notes, yet you hesitate,”

“It’s the principle,” I said, trying to negotiate.

Said the ice was thinning, and the lemons weren’t fresh,

She retorted, "It's still the town's best zest."

"35 for your effort," my last attempt to knock,

But Susie wasn’t buying, she stood like a rock.

Haggling over half a dollar, with tactics sly and bold,

Mentioned market rates, even tales of old.

“37, that’s all I'll spare," I declared with a twist,

But Susie wasn’t budging, she firmly resisted.

“You've plenty to spend, yet you quibble over change,”

"It’s about the win," my ego now deranged.

Defeated and upset, I walked away, full of spite,

The taste of a lost battle, stinging more than the sunlight.

Sun hot on my back, throat dry, not quenched,Walked away empty, my thirst still entrenched.Could’ve had that sip, tasted lemon’s sweet band,But pride made me leave, empty cup, empty hand.

My pride was bruised, my day was marred,

Over a mere half-dollar, my ego scarred.

For days I’d dwell, on that summer's spree,

Haunted by the stand, and my failed victory.